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OPTIONAL: Leads By Region

If you would like mortgage leads by your region, you must select an option below. Regional leads are $59 plus GST. The supply of these leads are limited. The FREE Trial does not apply if you select leads by Region.

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Note: You will be charged a small fees of 0.50 NZD for validating your card. The validation fees will be refunded back in 2 - 3 working days

  1. LEADS: These leads have been validated to ensure the phone number and email is correct. Any leads that have incorrect details, phone, email or incorrect person will be credited back to your portal.
  2. Non-VALID LEADS: We will issue a credit to your account. The level of intent is not an invalid lead. To claim an invalid lead you simply need to email within 72 hrs, and you will not be billed.
  3. BILLING: All leads, regardless of status, will be deemed purchased once 72 hrs has passed. After this period of validation has passed, we will debit your credit card (unless you have reported an invalid lead). A full billing report is available in your portal, which will be emailed to you after you sign up on this page. Leads are provided at $39.95 plus GST per valid lead. All credit card failures will be billed again later via a manual process.
  4. PAUSE LEADS: After your FREE lead allocation you will pay for your leads via your card. The supply of leads can vary between 2 and 4 leads per day. You can pause your leads for up to 30 days. All leads are paused on a Sunday 7pm for the following week. If you want your leads paused, we need 72 hrs notice. You can pause and start your leads as many times as you like thought the year as long as it does not exceed 30 days. If your leads need to be paused for more than 30 days, there is a holding fee of $79 per month. If you choose to cancel your account after 30 days, we require 72 hrs notice. If you decide to restart your leads after you account is closed there is a $250 set up fee.
  5. OWNERSHIP: Leads are owned by the adviser. All IP is owned by Fly Me High Limited. We will not contact your purchased lead in relation to loans, mortgages but not limited to the sale of Real Estate
  6. LIABILITY & ADVICE: Fly Me High Limited accepts no responsibility for advice given to the customer from your contact with the prospect. By joining up to these leads, you agree to all content on the website and is not limited to the use of your supplier's logos and email content that is sent.
  7. By entering your details and pressing SUBMIT, you accept these terms and conditions. Last updated: 30 May 2020

Note: You will be charged a small fees of 0.50 NZD for validating your card. The validation fees will be refunded back in 2 - 3 working days.