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  1. LEADS: These leads have been validated to ensure the phone number and email is correct. Any leads that have incorrect details, phone or email will be refunded.
  2. BILLING: BILLING: All leads confirmed as valid will be deemed purchased and will be billed to your credit card. A full billing report is available in your portal, which will be emailed to you. Leads are provided at $39 Plus GST per valid lead. All leads are billed at the time of sending the lead to your nomintated credit card. All credit card failers will be billied again at a later date via manual process.
  3. PAUSE LEADS: You can pause your leads at any time. When you pause your account, the next adviser will take your place. There is only a specific allocation of leads to a set number of advisers and reactivation is not guaranteed. Any accounts left paused by an adviser for more than 14 days (without prior approval) will be closed.
  4. OWNERSHIP: Leads are jointly owned by the adviser and Fly Me High Limited. All IP is owned by Fly Me High Limited. We will not contact your purchased lead in realtion to loans, mortgages but not limited to the sale of Real Estate
  5. LIABILITY & ADVICE: Fly Me High Limited accepts no responsibility for advice given to the customer from your contact with the prospect. By joining up to these leads, you agree to all content on the website and is not limited to the use of your supplier's logos and email content that is sent.
  6. By entering your details and pressing SUBMIT, you accept these terms and conditions. Last updated: 30 May 2020

Note: You will be charged a small fees of 0.50 NZD for validating your card. The validation fees will be refunded back in 2 - 3 working days.